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At IglePSYCH, we provide the highest quality traditional and alternative mental health care. Your mental well-being is our focus.  We believe that our clients deserve access to the full spectrum of available care options including revolutionary treatments like Ketamine, Medical Marijuana, DNA analysis for meds, ADHD testing and management, and Emotional Support Animals in addition to the old-school psychiatric medications. Our empathetic and professional treatment services are provided in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. We believe in great customer service and we understand the nuance of emotions and thoughts that shape your life. We are here to offer you a guiding hand through every step of your journey.

Our Services

Provided through in-person and telehealth

Traditional psychiatric Medication Management

Welcome to IglePSYCH, where we work to change the landscape of psychiatric care.

Medical Marijuana recommendations

Discover a realm of holistic well-being with IglePSYCH, where your health takes precedence.


Discover the pinnacle of excellence in mental health assessment and care with IglePSYCH.

Pharmacogenetic Testing

At IglePSYCH, we understand that every patient is unique, and their response to medication can vary significantly.

About Us

Your Trusted Partner in Mental Wellness. We combine cutting-edge technology with compassionate care to provide personalized solutions for a healthier you.

Discover, Connect, Thrive: Covering the Spectrum of Adult Mental Health Treatment

At IglePSYCH, we like to empower through information. Our website serves as a comprehensive resource hub designed to cater to various needs.


Meet Our Psychiatrist

At IglePSYCH we take immense pride in presenting our highly regarded, board certified psychiatrist, Dr. James L Igleburger, who brings a wealth of experience in addressing a diverse spectrum of mental health conditions. Such as Depression, Anxiety, ADHD,  Bipolar disorder, and Schizophrenia, among others. We provide empathetic care and alternative treatment options coupled with steadfast support and great customer service to guide our patients towards the path of healing and well-being. Click here for more information about Dr. James L Igleburger,

Precise Diagnosis and Tailored Treatment Approaches

Our distinguished psychiatrist possesses a profound understanding of the intricate landscape of mental health. Through comprehensive assessment and innovative methodologies, we ensure accurate diagnoses and craft personalized treatment plans that align with each individual's unique journey to recovery.

Pioneering Clinical Trials for Advancements

At IglePSYCH, we remain at the forefront of progress. Dr. Igleburger’s carreer-long commitment to clinical trials underscores our commitment to advancing the field of psychiatry. By participating in these trials, we contribute to shaping the future of mental health treatment and offer our patients access to innovative approaches.

Discover Your Ideal Psychiatrist

Finding a trusted mental health professional can be pivotal. We understand the significance of a strong patient-doctor partnership in fostering progress and the doctor-patient relationship is at the center of all that we do.


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