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Traditional psychiatric Medication Management


Traditional psychiatric Medication Management

Welcome to IglePSYCH, where we work to change the landscape of psychiatric care. We understand that effective treatment goes beyond medications; it’s about relationships and providing you with a platform for recovery that’s both comprehensive and accessible.

Dr. Igleburger likes to talk to his patients. That’s right… a doctor who has time for you! Expect him to provide comprehensive psychiatric services and actually care about you and your situation. Medication management appointments are available in person at IglePSYCH, Inc – Located at 14 Racetrack Rd NW in Fort Walton Beach, FL and also Via Telemedicine on the Doxy.me platform.

In our pursuit of excellence, we’ve redefined the traditional psychiatric medication management model. IglePSYCH is a FEE-FOR-SERVICE clinic. WE DO NOT PARTICIPATE DIRECTLY WITH ANY HEALTH INSURNCE PLANS For medication management visits the fees are based solely on the time that Dr. Igleburger spends working on the client’s case/visit. He will typically spend about 5 min reviewing records before the Doc-To-Patient time starts and then another 3-5 minutes documenting, dictating and sending scripts after the in-person portion of the visit. Click here for more information. 

  • 20-Minute Appointment: Medication focused, concise, impactful. Typically involves about 10-12 minutes of face-time with the doctor. Priced to sell at only $150.
  • 30-Minute Appointment: Mostly medication focused with a little time to talk about other stuff or we are making a significant medication change that takes extra time. The majority of appointments end up here. Typically involves 20-22 minutes face-time with the big Kahuna. A paltry $200
  • 40-Minute Appointment: Uh oh. We are either doing a complete medication overhaul or some serious stuff just went down at home. Either way we got you. 30-35 minutes face-time with our resident healer. That’ll be $250.
  • 50-Minute Appointment: Like the 40 min appt but 10 minutes longer. Serious troubles, serious help. 40-45 minutes with Dr. I. Available now for only $300
  • 60-Minute Appointment: Your well-being is paramount, and a 60-minute appointment with The Medicine Man, priced at $350, reflects this commitment. 50-55 minutes of time with Dr. Feelgood.

**Please note that Telehealth or Virtual appointments for medication management are available with Dr. I at the same rates. Patients must be located physically in the State of Florida. Service provided over the Doxy.me platform. Patients are sent emails before the visits and a link to the doxy platform is sent via text immediately before the appt.

*Other Fees:
A No-Show fee of 50% of the cost of the cost of the scheduled visit will be charged for appointments not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance.

Paperwork fees – See posted flyer at the office for further details. Paperwork that clients need the Doc to fill out will be charged at Dr. Igleburger’s “Legal work” rate of $500/hour. Minimum charge for letters / signatures is $50.

Legal work such as depositions, court appearances, discussions with lawyers and paperwork as above will be charged at the “legal work” rate of $500/hour and will be prepaid.

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