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At IglePSYCH, we deliver mental health care through our exceptional range of specialized services. Our commitment to our clients drives us to provide the highest quality traditional care. Our commitment to the advancement of new treatments ensures that patients have access to care that can lead more fulfilling and balanced lives.

Why Choose Us

Empowering Humanity Through Mental Wellness. Discover IglePSYCH

At IglePSYCH, we stand as advocates

on the side of humanity committed to fostering psychological and emotional well-being.

We bring to the table a wealth of experience,

a staff who define themselves as caring people, and a passion for bringing new treatment options to our clients.

  • Experienced

    we believe that our clients appreciate Dr. Igleburger's level of experience in the fields of clinical psychiatric medicine and clinical research. With 25 years of dedicated service, Dr. Igleburger’s expertise shines as a guiding light in the realm of mental health for his patients. The intricate nuances of the human mind/brain are his specialty. However, he also possesses a deep understanding of the challenges faced in each individual’s mental health journey. Everyone responds to treatment in their own way so “the Doc” tailors his approach to the unique needs of each individual. Click here to see Dr I's Curriculum Vitae.

  • Caring

    At IglePSYCH, we are a stable foundation upon which our clients may build a better tomorrow. This process must be attended to with the utmost sensitivity and warmth. Our staff pride themselves on being empathetic and caring individuals. Moreover, we will often go out of our way to help or just to provide a reassuring word. The clinic provides a calm and relaxed atmosphere which fosters trust and rapport.

  • Innovative

    Dr. Igleburger is well versed in providing the highest quality traditional psychiatric medication management services. In addition, IglePSYCH offers a number of alternative therapies that may be helpful when the traditional methods do not provide relief or when the clients are less comfortable. With traditional psychiatric medications. These alternatives include: Medicinal Marijuana, Ketamine therapy, Pharmacogenetic testing and counseling, DXM (Dextromethorphan treatment). Also, ADHD evaluation/Treatment, Micro-dose Counseling, TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Therapy) and ESA letters.

Our Services

Healing for a better world.

Traditional psychiatric Medication Management

Welcome to IglePSYCH, where we work to change the landscape of psychiatric treatment.

Medical Marijuana recommendations

Discover a realm of holistic well-being with IglePSYCH, where your health takes precidence.


Discover the pinnacle of excellence in mental health assessment and care with IglePSYCH.

Pharmacogenetic Testing

At IglePSYCH, we understand that every patient is unique, and their response to medication can vary significantly. DNA testing helps to narrow down the medication choices and pinpoint which meds are to be used and/or avoided with an individual patient

Ketamine treatment

Imagine a world where relief from the shackles of depression and pain is not just a distant hope, but a tangible reality.

Dextromethorphan treatment

At IglePSYCH, our commitment to innovation underscores the importance of precision medicine now and in the future.

Micro-dose counseling

your trusted partner in progressive mental health care. Our innovative approach, known as Micro-Dose Counseling can support your healing journey.

TMS treatment

TMS, an acronym for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, represents a groundbreaking treatment method for depression and OCD.

E.S.A. Letters

Are you more comfortable in most situations when your furry friends are around? An Emotional Support Animal might be just what you needed.