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Pharmacogenetic Testing


Pharmacogenetic Testing

At IglePSYCH, we understand that every patient is unique, and their response to medication can vary significantly. That’s why we offer Pharmacogenetic Testing, a revolutionary approach that enhances the precision of treatment decisions. Prior to your appointment, we request a simple (Non-invasive) DNA sample, allowing advanced PCR DNA amplification techniques to uncover crucial insights about how your genetic makeup interacts with various medications and vice versa.

During your comprehensive 40-minute session with our physician, the results of your pharmacogenetic testing will be thoroughly reviewed and discussed. This session stands as a pivotal moment in your healthcare journey, as it empowers both you and your physician with the knowledge needed to make informed choices regarding your treatment. By identifying potential challenges or side effects related to specific drug/classes, we pave the way for a more tailored and effective medication regimen.

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  • Anticipate your body’s probable response profile and side effect of medications with our advanced testing.
  • Valuable tool for those with past adverse medication reactions.
  • Expert medical professional guides you through pharmacogenetic results.
  • Collaborative approach with doctor ensures patients leave session with a thorough understanding of their genetic profile’s implications.
  • The Pharmacogenetic Counseling Session: 40-minute consultation for established IglePSYCH patients- $300. $350 for new clients.
  • Investment in health with long-term benefits for precision and effectiveness. Results should be shared with all of your healthcare professionals.
  • IglePSYCH offers transcendent healthcare with innovative Pharmacogenetic Testing and Counseling.
  • Redefining patient care through pioneering medical advancements.
  • Prioritizing well-being for a future of personalized healthcare excellence.