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Thank you for considering IglePSYCH as your trusted partner in achieving exceptional mental health and well-being. We

understand that seeking the right mental health services can be a significant

step, and we are here to provide you with the professional support and guidance

you deserve.

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We understand that seeking assistance or guidance for mental health concerns is a significant step. We have the best ketamine services and we applaud your initiative in considering IglePSYCH as your partner on this passage.

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    14 Racetrack Rd NW, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547

IglePSYCH provides a range of mental health services, including

traditional psychiatric medication management, Ketamine, medical marijuana

recommendations, ADHD evaluations, innovative therapies, best life counseling and more.

Dr. Igleburger brings over 25 years of experience in clinical psychiatric

medicine and research, specializing in the intricate nuances of the human


No, in addition to traditional methods, IglePSYCH offers innovative

therapies like Ketamine treatment, TMS, and Micro-Dose Counseling for those

seeking alternative approaches.

Our staff is characterized by empathy and warmth. The office is cozy and the staff are friendly, fostering a calm

atmosphere that promotes trust and rapport during the mental health journey.

We listen to music in the office and arrange the atmosphere to provide a comfortable and non-threatening environment.

Micro-Dose Counseling is an innovative approach to mental health care involving very small doses of particular medications.

provided through progressive and personalized counseling services tailored to

individual needs.

Yes, IglePSYCH offers recommendations for Medical Marijuana,

incorporating holistic well-being into mental health care.

Pharmacogenetic Testing helps us understand each patient's unique response

to medication, ensuring personalized and effective treatment plans.

incorporating holistic well-being into mental health care.

Yes, IglePSYCH provides assessments and treatment options for Adult ADHD,

ensuring excellence in mental health care.

TMS is a groundbreaking treatment method offered at IglePSYCH, utilizing

magnetic stimulation of the brain instead of medications.

Yes, IglePSYCH recognizes the therapeutic role of animals and provides

ESA letters for those who benefit from emotional support animals.

IglePSYCH operates on a fee-for-service model and does not participate in

insurance coverage. Patients are provided with superbill for potential

out-of-network reimbursement.

Yes, IglePSYCH offers telehealth or virtual appointments for medication

management, limited to patients physically located in the State of Florida.

The fees for telehealth services are the same as in-person services.

A 50% no-show fee is charged for appointments not canceled at least 24

hours in advance.


stands out for its combination of experience, compassion, and innovation,

providing personalized, best life counseling and high-quality mental

health care services.